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About Us

Get to Know Us

We are a family run and operated team based in Concord, North Carolina. We are full time caregivers, our dogs and puppies are a part of the family - they live, play, and grow with us and each other. We breed high quality, healthy, unique, and loving Bulldogs and Bullmastiffs.

Our puppies well-being is one of our top priorities, which is why they grow up among us inside of our home. Once you purchase one of our puppies you become a member of the JAM'D community. 

JAM'D Bulls is a family-run team, we offer not only the best quality bulldogs and bullmastiffs, but you are joining the JAM'D Family. Our dogs and puppies are loved, cared for, and will always be apart of the JAM'D Pack

Healthy & Happy

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is important to us as a family. Ensuring that our puppies are healthy and happy before going to their fur-ever homes is a top priority. We ensure that puppies needs are being met, by offering a healthy and enriched environment; by having a balanced diet, proper exercise and making sure medical needs are met.

By 8-Weeks old our puppies have up-to-date vaccines and have met regular veterinarian examinations. 

BullHug Affiliation


Having owned bulldogs we know that finding a harness that fits them properly is a challenge. Bulldogs are known for their unique stature, which makes regular pet-store harnesses fit awkwardly. BullHug was referred to me by fellow bulldog owners with raving reviews. After researching the brand I knew I wanted to support them. This is a small business, woman owned and operated, and she owns her own bulldogs, so it’s personal. After ordering harnesses for my own bulldogs I fell in love with the fit and customizations. The harness fits each bulldog securely and properly. This is a brand I personally support and recommend to all bulldog families.


You can purchase your own BullHug Harness and

use code jamdbulls10 for 10% off your order. Visit

Our own bulldogs wearing Bullhug Harnesses

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