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We pride ourselves on raising healthy and happy puppies.

Puppies are available at 8 weeks of age and will have up-to-date vaccinations

and health clearances. 

For most recent puppy updates and breeding schedules join us on Facebook.

If you are local or would like to schedule a virtual visit please email us

Puppy Resources

To make the transition as smooth as possible we created this welcome

packet with tips, tricks, resources, and recommendations.

JAM'D Bulls Welcome Packet and Orientation 

Puppies of JAM'D Bulls

Puppies! We love them as much as anyone else! Puppies at JAM'D are cared for very carefully and with lots of love and attention. Puppies are not bottle fed and for the first days we try to stay as hands off as possible, with health and safety in mind, to allow each puppy to bond, grow, and be cared for naturally by their mothers. We have an established vet that knows our breeds very well so puppies and their mother receive individualized care. We are proud to say that puppies receive 24/7 attention and care while here because while they are here (and beyond) - these puppies are apart of the family! 

When vet approved we socialize puppies around other JAM'D dogs in the same household and begin leash and potty training, usually between 4-6 weeks of age.

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